The State of Illusion

Illusion, which in Spanish, is defined as a state of happiness, joy and delirious blindness; is the motivational state felt by all creators. A childish, passionate energy that immerses the body and propels and individual forward with blind confidence.

It comes from the potential energy derived from thought and creativity. And if applied, it leads to extraordinary achievement in the eyes of the inventor.

If you excuse me, I am feeling particularly inspired and wanted to take a break from the average post to write a passion piece. One which I feel is important to anyone wanting to achieve anything meaningful.

A 'Facebook' isn't born in a day. It blooms from small, exciting tasks that build up day after day. Tasks that when added up, mesh together to create an extraordinary result. Although people consider the result important, my closest friends have always asked me about the journey.

Experience has taught me that the journey must be filled with small wins. Wins that deliver a sensation of illusion, which arises from the efforts of these micro achievements. This became clear when talking to Richard Clarkson years ago. I asked him how he got to where he was and how he maintained his soul and passion in tact. His answer was simple. Micro achievements. Waves of work so small, that the act of rising above them, was open to anyone and provided the sense of illusion.

The ecstasy that comes from such pursuits however can not be denied.

A state of illusion, that fills the body like a phoenix, rising above the stress and anxiety of the world. One that reminds you that the mission is real and on track.

The tasks are small. The energy is overwhelming. And things seem to be moving naturally.

One could define it as pure happiness. A high that every creator craves.

To finish, i would like to share my personal example.

When I first arrived as an intern to R/GA, the worlds best advertising agency, I had a lot to prove. I wanted to make everyone aware of who I was and what I could deliver. I remember clearly asking the boss that I admire, Hana, for an opportunity that would demonstrate if I was worth being hired. One that would waste no ones time.

The response was monumental - the product demo for the Apple Watch Nike+.

Filled with Illusion, I would work 12-18 hours day for two weeks on end. Achieving micro achievement after micro achievement. By the end of the first week, I had secured a trip to NikeHQ. You should have seen the face that I gave Pickles, my manager. Disbelief doesn't come even come close.

I was to work on a project for brands that had impacted my life on and off the field, in a place that arguably had held all my idols. Could things get better?

Due to the hard work that took place in the first week, the second week was a creative technologists paradise. Finessing design and interaction to deliver the best experience a human could ask for. All of this whilst sitting at the home of the my icon, Cristiano Ronaldo, watching him lead his team to a title that signified everything to him and more importantly, his nation.

The result was extraordinary. I remember walking offsite with Pickles as we heard the quality we had delivered. My work would later be used to present the product and for a long time could be found in 200 Apple Stores around the world. It won, between shortlists and prizes, numerous awards and titles. And ofcourse, I got hired.

All thoughts welcome.