Messaging & Branding as Management
Today's post finds me on a flight above the Gulf of Maine, immersed in a realization that arose from Made to Stick, by Chip and Dan Heath. One which debates whether messaging and branding could form a mission statement...
Oh, I See.
As part of the evolution of writing this blog I have given a lot of thought to messaging. The way we choose to explain things. To say things. As a creator, it cannot be argued that the message is everything. And that it is everywhere...
The State of Illusion
Illusion, which in Spanish, is defined as a state of happiness, joy and delirious blindness; is the motivational state felt by all creators. A childish, passionate energy that immerses the body and propels and individual forward with blind confidence.
Public Stories
I find it really interesting how the theory of virality is very human and emotional and that it is closely associated with the value systems attached to the individual. To elaborate, a value system in this sense refers to the set of beliefs and attitudes that intimately describe a person...
Arousal & Observability
Today's topic almost came by surprise. I never thought I would be writing an article that links Arousal to Product Design and Marketing. However, once understood, it cannot be denied. Arousal, in this case, refers to psychological arousal which is a state of activation and readiness for action...
Triggering Insiders
Over the past two weeks I have been playing with the notion Triggering Insiders. An element developed with the focus of creating, what I hope is viral, marketing material for the Illusion Spinner, my first product that is sold by the Museum of Modern Art and Muralize, a mobile tool that allows you to create connected images with the tip of your fingers...
Chanelling Remarkability
Jonah Berger, through his Bestseller Contagious, has delicately carved a neural pathway by connecting Remarkability to Virality. Virality, in this case refers to Jonah's definition, by which something is more likely to spread, via word of mouth, from one person to another, like a disease...
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Since the age of 14, I have been obsessed with creation. An obsession that took me to laser-focus on each detail between the visual and the technical...