Mentorship & Guidance

Xavier Gallego Moya & Ilya Rivkin

Special Thanks

TJ Boegle, Carolina Martin & Sacha Sukasam

On the road to the return leg of Real Madrid vs. Bayern Munich (2017), Oscar was flicking through Instagram when he stumbled upon a Real Madrid carrousel imageset that depicted the fan hype around the game. Inspired by this piece of advertising, and drawing Steven Dean’s Service Design class, Oscar began to wonder how he could reduce the biocost associated with the activity.

Could it be possible to create these murals in a matter of taps?

Oscar decided to use this opportunity to launch his first app aimed at democratizing this style of social media feed. Subsequently, with lean principles in mind, Oscar began developing a prototype, user testing it as he proceeded. Eventually, after evolving the functionality to a minimum viable product (MVP), Oscar took a step back, let the project sit and took a break.
Weeks later, in his childhood home in Den Haag, The Netherlands., Oscar decided to take another stab at the design. After exploring a plethora of colours, Oscar landed on a historic Real Madrid purple. At this moment, Oscar paused and caught eye of one of Pablo Picasso’s Rooster paintings (1938) hanging on the wall in his livingroom.
Fueled by the elegant set of brushstrokes, Oscar began to redesign the app to use the minimum amount of detail and color to intuitively deliver its functionality. The result is InstaMural, a social media tool that through an elegant interface enables you to paint landscapes through connected images.


After releasing the initial MVP, Oscar began to wonder how he could expand the app's functionality, to tailor to more users. After a conversation his friend and photographer, TJ Boegle, Oscar redesigned the app to include vertical mural functionality whilst simultaneously allowing for further expansion. Additionally, after a conversation with Carolina Martin, Oscar redesigned the instamural mark, which resulted in a simpler and more elegant symbol.